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Inspirational bespoke clothing

With over 30 years of bespoke tailoring experience, I bring quality design, quality fabrics and quality workmanship to deliver you truly unique clothing that perfectly matches your style and fit.

Why choose me?
Timeless design

I make beautiful clothes that are stylish, interesting, made from quality fabrics, fit well and provide enjoyment to the wearer.

Top quality

British made in the Hampshire / Surrey borders, with passionate attention to detail, fit and comfort.

Truly unique

Whether you struggle to find beautiful clothes that fit or you're after a truly stand-out piece, I'll work with you to create what you're after.

Who makes the clothes?

Every item is designed, pattern cut, toiled and tailored by me. There is no substitute for having the whole process in my hands and I love every part of it.

Why do you make-to-measure?

Made-to-measure is essential for a custom fit  as no two people are the same. Arm lengths are different, bust sizes are different, body lengths are different, leg lengths are different and so on. This has been born out again and again as I have made clothes for real ladies not the generic sizing.

Why do you use one lining colour?

Using one colour lining is an AMF Signature. I have chosen a gorgeous red that goes with everything. It also allows for better sustainability as I can use up every small piece and not have metres or half metres accumulating. However if a client really wants a different colour then I can accommodate their wishes.

Will you make a copy of an existing item?

No. I am a designer with a specific look and copying in the design world is an ethical issue. However if there is information to be gained from a favourite piece which goes on to inform a unique design, for example a collar shape, proportions, sleeve particulars like a raglan as opposed to a set in sleeve etc, this can be helpful to hone the design.