How I Create your perfect design

Making any form of clothing is a multifaceted process. As an artisan making bespoke clothing it is even more so as the personal body size and shape of the client plays a pivotal role.

Step One
Initial consultation
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At my garden studio I have worked on a small range of designs that I have sampled in a variety of fabric choice, colour choice and sizes. This is the base stage for the client to see, feel and try on a garment before we get to her specifics. This range will develop as I design, pattern cut and tailor more samples.

The first stage is the initial consultation when as much information regarding the clients preferences and requirements will be gathered. This can be done in person at my studio or in a video call.

Note: If a unique design is the way forward then a design payment takes place (£100) to allow me to work on designs before the next stage.

Face to face meeting
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Once the client has made a decision to go ahead then a face to face meeting is arranged.
At this meeting I take measurements as well as observations about sizing, proportion and design tweaks which result from trying on the sample garments available and discussions about specific requirements. Fabric and colour swatches are available from which to choose the best options. At this stage a 50% deposit is taken.

An appointment is booked for the toile (a mock-up made in calico) fitting.

Step two
Toile fitting

The next stage for me is to construct a pattern based on those measurements taken and make a toile. This process allows for any design tweaks to be seen on the body and to check the proportions, styling, fit and to confirm fabric and colour choices so that I can order the fabric.

Note: For those who are having a unique design made this gives them the first opportunity to see it in 3D. As this is a less pre-prepared process then a 2nd toile fitting may need to be done.

Step three
Try-on session

From all the information the toile has revealed I make the necessary alterations to the pattern and continue to the stage of cutting the fabric and making the garment to a fitting stage. Generally this is very close to being a finished product but still unfinished enough to allow me access for minor alterations.

The next appointment for the client is where she gets to try on her garment so that any finessing can be done. At this stage the final payment is made.

I then finish the garment ready for collection.

Step four

Looking for

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Meeting in person allows me to really get to know what you're after and what you like. Arrange a visit to my studio.

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Fit is everything. The joy of bespoke clothing is that you don't have to compromise with off-the-shelf standard sizing.

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