Happy customer Testimonials

The people I work with are more than customers: we work together to design and craft beautiful, unique clothing.

I have been a client of Andrea for several years. She has designed and made many garments for me, from mother-of-the groom/bride dresses to winter and summer skirts. Just recently she has made me the most beautiful jacket which has been very much admired. Her skills are second to none and her attention to detail is very important to her, only the best will do and she will persevere until everything is perfect. This makes for a very satisfied customer!
Valerie Fleet
I am the proud and lucky owner and wearer of my very own Andrea Franklin Bespoke jacket. It truly is a wonder! Andrea designed the jacket with me in mind and we tweaked it together. And the result - I have a jacket with the perfect sleeve length for a long armed monkey like me!! I chose the fabric from her glorious selection and I love the fact that all her jackets have the same colour lining ( and it's not boring black, blue or grey!) With a jacket from Andrea you get exactly what you pay for and that is, the personal touch, unbelievable perfectionist quality tailoring and your own bespoke unique amazing jacket. What's not to love?
Lissa Martin
I love my Andrea Franklin Coat. Bought for my 50th birthday by my mother it is the most special item in my wardrobe. It feels amazing, just pulling up the zip reminds me I’m so lucky to wear this coat and it makes me feel fantastic.
Emma Deigan
Scrupulously warm Scottish Tweed, Luxuriously soft and silky red satin lining . Bespoke style and Exquisitely made , resulting in a perfect fit. Yes, it's a coat, not just any coat, but this coat is made by Andrea Franklin. I have known Andrea for years and I would highly recommend to anyone to have something in your wardrobe made by her. Andrea’s fashion sense and style is beautiful, quirky, and made with passion and love.
Cheryl Carslake
It is a work of art. Exceptional. Keep up the works of art, you are a very skilled person.
Elliott | Elliott's Shed
Can I order a stock size? What happens if it doesn’t fit?

Yes you can order a stock size if you are confident that you are a stock size. The measurement chart is there to provide you with measurement details.  I can still tweak a garment made to a stock size to get the fit just right. However I am dedicated to providing a service allowing for body shape and size anomalies, which are so very common, and so have chosen the bespoke root. If a stock size does not fit it is indicative of the need for a made to measure.

Who makes the clothes?

Every item is designed, pattern cut, toiled and tailored by me. There is no substitute for having the whole process in my hands and I love every part of it.

How long does the process take?

The process is dependent on many things, availability of clients time for consultations and fittings and the weight of work in progress but usually 6-8 weeks allows for the work necessary when creating a unique product.

Why do you use one lining colour?

Using one colour lining is an AMF Signature. I have chosen a gorgeous red that goes with everything. It also allows for better sustainability as I can use up every small piece and not have metres or half metres accumulating. However if a client really wants a different colour then I can accommodate their wishes.