Frequently askedQuestions

I've gather together answers to some of the most common queries I get. If you can't find an answer to your question here, please send me a message.

Do you sell online?

At the moment I sell on a personal basis because I offer a bespoke service which means I need to be able to assess my clients needs, take their measurements and make and fit the toile and garment personally. In the future I hope to be able to offer a small online range where the need for such specific fit is reduced but as I make everything at the moment this isn’t viable for me.

Can I order a stock size? What happens if it doesn’t fit?

Yes you can order a stock size if you are confident that you are a stock size. The measurement chart is there to provide you with measurement details.  I can still tweak a garment made to a stock size to get the fit just right. However I am dedicated to providing a service allowing for body shape and size anomalies, which are so very common, and so have chosen the bespoke root. If a stock size does not fit it is indicative of the need for a made to measure.

Will you make a copy of an existing item?

No. I am a designer with a specific look and copying in the design world is an ethical issue. However if there is information to be gained from a favourite piece which goes on to inform a unique design, for example a collar shape, proportions, sleeve particulars like a raglan as opposed to a set in sleeve etc, this can be helpful to hone the design.

Can I commission a unique style?

Yes. The process will take longer as there are the extra stages of design consultation and design time needed which is why the price is different. This option is much more fluid than choosing from the range or tweaking an already existing design but it is an exciting way of creating a special piece that would be unique.

How long does the process take?

The process is dependent on many things, availability of clients time for consultations and fittings and the weight of work in progress but usually 6-8 weeks allows for the work necessary when creating a unique product.

Who makes the clothes?

Every item is designed, pattern cut, toiled and tailored by me. There is no substitute for having the whole process in my hands and I love every part of it.

Why do you choose British wool?

Britain has the most wonderful history of cloth manufacturing, such skilled weavers and the choice is exceptional. Different weights of cloth, different patterns within the weave, beautiful colours and high quality that is consistent and a signature of their craft. Also it keeps the miles travelled to a minimum, which is an added bonus.

Why do you use one lining colour?

Using one colour lining is an AMF Signature. I have chosen a gorgeous red that goes with everything. It also allows for better sustainability as I can use up every small piece and not have metres or half metres accumulating. However if a client really wants a different colour then I can accommodate their wishes.

Why do you make-to-measure?

Made-to-measure is essential for a custom fit  as no two people are the same. Arm lengths are different, bust sizes are different, body lengths are different, leg lengths are different and so on. This has been born out again and again as I have made clothes for real ladies not the generic sizing.

What is the difference between made to order and made to measure?

All of what I do is made to order, making for each client on a one to one basis rather than holding stock to send out immediately on order. My samples are sized as to my measurement chart in a generic sizing fashion but requires the client to be more universal in body shape and proportions. Made to measure is making to the specific size and body shape of each client, which entails a more detailed fit approach. My experience shows me that there is often a need for made to measure because so very few of us are generically sized. It isn’t just about the around-the-body measurements but also body lengths, arm lengths, bust size, height and body types.

Why do you make to order?

As a micro business making to order allows me to make what is needed when it is needed. There is no wastage of resources having unsold stock.

Making to order allows the product to be personalized. Not only within the styling and design of the garment but the colour choice from a large range of colours rather than a range restricted by my choice. It allows for the ability to provide a superior bespoke service when it comes to all the details involved and allows for the client's personality to fuse with my styling and design.

Making to order helps to make for a more sustainable business as the investment in a lot of stock isn’t necessary. As a micro business this helps the financial outlay as well as the time constraints on the number of productive hours available.

It allows me to keep the quality at the highest level as I keep control of the whole process and it gives me a livelihood that is sustainable, uses my skills and talents, and allows me to be passionate about quality, interesting design and fit.

Made to order allows me to build relationships with my clients rather than it just being a sale.